Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kalyan Jewellers Malayalam TV Ad

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The reason why I chose this ad for inaugurating this blog (tadaa!) is simply because it is all over the place these days. Before I tell you what I really feel about this ad, let me just briefly explain the storyline.

The ad shows a girl eloping or rather trying to elope with her boyfriend after leaving a message for her parents, in the form of a letter, telling them that she is going to do the unspeakable (considering that she could never speak to/discuss with/convince her parents about this). While on her way to her boyfriend, she zooms out into her childhood remembering all the times her father had been with her, as a friend, guide and mentor. She has a sudden change of heart and she goes back home and embraces her father in a tight hug and breaks down. All is forgiven and forgotten. The voice-over tells us ‘Vishwasam, athalle ellam’ (Trust is everything or isn’t trust everything?) and then the logo of Kalyan Jewellers appears.

And that’s when you get to know what the ad was about, after 1 min and 11 seconds of scratching your head, wondering what the product being advertised is. The ad stands out for its difference. While you may never remember which model appeared in which jeweller’s ad or what a particular jewellery’s jingle is or even which of the hundred jewellery ads belongs to X, Y or Z, you will never have a problem remembering this one. The background score, the way it is shot and the voice-over are all pretty decent – enough for an ad to be called good? Wait, I am not done yet.

The problem with this ad is perhaps the story or shall I say the treatment to the story. They are speaking of trust here. Trust, a father has for his daughter. She breaks his trust but comes back to him. The message going out is simple, longer relationships which have stood the test of time are more important than short ones. Or, come to our jewellery which has been around for quite some time and not the new ones which have popped up during the recent years.

But what about the trust the boy had in the girl? Of course, her parents who have been with her throughout her life are more important but when we are talking of trust shouldn’t we look at it from all perspectives?

My problem really isn’t with the betrayal by the girl, I couldn’t care less. But then, this ad which talks of years of trust and bonding has used a very melancholy theme. The ad could have ended with the parents getting her married to her boyfriend showing that they have faith in her choice, ending it on a positive note. They could have shown the young couple contemplating elopement and then finally deciding that they should marry with their parents’ blessings no matter what. This would have also brought out the ‘we can’t even think of breaking your trust’ message. ‘Vishwasam, athalle ellam’, would have worked there too. What say?

To sum it up diplomatically, it is not my favourite ad. To be outright honest, I don’t like it one bit. But I guess this is one of those classic examples of ‘Love me or hate me, you just can’t ignore me’. You just won’t forget this ad for its cheesy theme and the number of times it keeps repeating itself on so many channels.

That was my take on it. You are welcome to strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree, as you please!


  1. well....when i saw the ad for the fisrt time...i was intrigued to know what was it all the interst going...but once it was done...i was all "ayyee" for it....but as u siad...its a ad hard to forget n if the ad had ended ina way u wanted i wud hav looked better...:)
    keep reviewing ads...let them come!

  2. hmmm...people tend to remember the good ads and the bad ads (can prefix 'really' to both, but nothing in-between). Plus, with the number of times the TGA is exposed to this ad, it isn't surprising that we remember the ad - albeit for its very "weird" storyline (esp. for a jeweller...bcoz unless 'they' get married where's the question of buying jewellery at all!). Glad u chose to critically analyse advertisements...a good way to learn what u can do and shudn't do:)

  3. Good because it remains in memory. Bad it doesn't reason enough to choose the jeweller over others. An interesting blog, will keep track.

  4. Angel
    Yup, it kept the interest goingand then down it came with a loud ugly thud!

    I missed that one! Yes, how does the jewellery come into the picture without a wedding? Thanks for the encouragement. :)

    Holy Lama
    True. There are others we have vishwasam in too. Thanks for visiting.:)

  5. Haaai!! New Blog! A marvelous start and I am sure this is going to be a superhit ;-)
    Aah the Kalyan Jewellers ad- In plain words -didn't like it one bit. It uses a really crooked way to convey the message. As you said the treatment could have been different.

  6. Join the club. Even I hate it..!! "viswasam athu alle ellam" - And then they show this guy waiting like a fool at the station for his g.friend!

  7. Super Ad......Kalyan Jewellers last ad " viswasam athu alle ellam" It`s value based ad for comparing the advertising Industry.In my opinion Superb..................

  8. gud 1...
    don't u see where the jewelery thing come in??? if she eloped successfully, keeping the trust of boyfriend when wer they be going to buy jewelery?? It could be a simple marriage, leaving out families and more importantly THE MARKET. you see only THE MARKET is gaining from the royal weddings... they want the youth to be conservative...they want youth to be conservative enough to be with them, they create like "pennayal ponnu venam, ponnin bramam undayirikanam". They create an angle so that the distraught lover in the railway station be the Villain, as if he had done a crime against humanity...

    There is future... we will be getting to 18th century

  9. Thante pennu angane kanikumbol manasilavum .....
    Takarkapedalano athoo..!! ninte %^%^&^ athano valiyathu ennu

  10. Have you checked the tamil version?
    If not check this one.

  11. Lekshmi
    Thank you. :)

    I am already there! :)

    Somehow it didn't work for me. And can you please explain how this can be used to compare the advertising industry, if that is what you mean? o_o

    18th century? Wishful thining indeed! ;)
    Jokes apart...I think those cliched 'penninu ponn venam' ads are better than this...this somehow is totally insane

    Firstly, Candid Brownie is a female. So there is no question of her having a 'pennu' who elopes. And about the ad, a girl eloping or breaking her parent's trust or her boyfriend's has nothing to do with a jeweller.
    I would appreciate it if you leave civil comments henceforth. Not just here but any blog you keep up with.

    Nope, I haven't. Must check it out. Thanks for the link:)

  12. guys..have u seen the tamil ad..the father actually agrees to get his kiddo married to her nt that nice?

  13. Wow, nice analysis actually I too couldn't digest the advert at first at all... the Boy being cheated by the gal (they even show him waiting at the station)I felt like the ad-maker was Laughing at his fate... well thanks and the post was cool! :)

  14. Hello Candid Brownie. Fantastic critical analysis ... I haven't seen the ad in Malayalam but your blog has made a vivid description of what the ad was all about ... I did see the same ad in Tamil though the girl doesn't break the father's trust, the father feeling the trust of his daughter informs her to ask the guy for the girl's hand... which I would still say it takes great amount of generation understanding to do that (That's why I categorize it as a filmy type ;))

    My point being - Excellent review; vivid descriptions; good critical analysis; perspective driven ... Cool!

  15. Shiv Kumar
    Yes. It's really nice, kind of makes up for the flaw in the Malayalam version. Thank you :)

    Exactly, the boy came out looking like a fool in the end. What 'vishwasam' are they talking about? Anyway, thanks for stopping by :)

    We all need a pat on the back, a small clap, an approving smile or something of the sort to keep going. Your comment was nothing short of applause. It made me come back to my neglected blog so that I could thank you for your lovely comment. Thanks again. And your blog tells me you are a great connoisseur of movies. :)

  16. Super Ad..Kalyan Jewellers last ad " viswasam athu alle ellam" It`s value based ad for comparing the advertising Industry.In my opinion Superb....

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